What is CoolBeez

  • How does CoolBeez work?
    CoolBeez is a 1:1 friend referral program that makes it simple and rewarding for your customers to share their favorite products with friends. With CoolBeez your customers can share a direct product link in one click, right from their mobile device. It’s fast and easy to use.When the friend clicks the link and buys, your shop makes a new sale. After the sale, your original customer can choose from a discount code or donate their “thank you” fee to a nonprofit.
  • How easy is it to get my program up and running?
    Very easy. We know how busy online shop owners can get. That’s why we’ve made using CoolBeez quick and easy. It’ll take less than an hour to customize your CoolBeez set up so you can start right away. After that you sit back, and let CoolBeez do its thing. You can always change and improve your profile/settings at any time.


  • Where is CoolBeez available?
    Our solution is global. At present, we support customers in the EU, UK and the US and we are working on adding new markets in the future.
  • Which online shop platforms is CoolBeez compatible with?
    CoolBeez currently works with Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware5, Shopware6, BigCommerce, and PrestaShop. We will be adding new integrations in the coming months.
  • My shop is built on Shopify. How do I start using CoolBeez?
    You can install the CoolBeez app and create your shop account with CoolBeez directly through Shopify Public App Store. It should take less than 5 minutes.
  • My shop is built on Shopware5, Shopware6, BigCommerce, or PrestaShop. How do I start using CoolBeez?
    You need to register on CoolBeez as a shop and generate API access keys for us. It should take less than 5 minutes. You can see a video tutorial for your ecommerce engine here, or please contact us for assistance.
  • My shop is built on WooCommerce. How do I start using CoolBeez?
    You can connect your WooCommerce shop here, or please contact us for assistance.
  • My ecommerce engine is not listed here. What do I do?
    Please contact us with the details of your shop and we will let you know when the integration with your online shop will be ready.
  • Does CoolBeez provide a white label solution?
    You can customize your email templates according to your branding standards. For a complete white label solution, please contact us.


  • How much does CoolBeez cost?
    We offer three ways to subscribe. One is free and two are paid. Additionally, there is an affiliate commission that varies according to the plan. You can check out full details here.. If you are an Enterprise client and/or require customization, please contact us here.
  • Do I need to pay for clicks or shares of recommendations?
    No. You only pay commission when there is a purchase through the CoolBeez link.
  • If I am subscribed to one of the “Give Back” plans, who decides how much goes to charities and non-profit causes?
  • Who decides on the amount of discount coupons if they are used?
  • Is there a free trial period?
    Yes, we offer all new customers with a subscription plan a 30-day free trial. During this trial period, you pay no subscription fee. You’ll still need to offer a referral discount coupon to your recommenders. You’ll also pay CoolBeez commission on the sales you make through the discount coupon.

Why CoolBeez

  • I already have a referral program. Why switch to CoolBeez?
    Marketing research identifies several modern trends in consumer behavior that CoolBeez uses to deliver much better results compared to traditional referral programs.

    Referrals of specific products are much more effective than generic referrals of your website. Affiliate programs of leaders of e-commerce such as Amazon value direct links to product pages several times higher than indirect links to their websites. With CoolBeez your customers automatically refer their friends to exact product pages in your online shop.

    According to recent research, including by Fidelity management, a large majority of online shoppers consider themselves philanthropic. With CoolBeez, you let your customers generate donations to connected non-profit and charitable causes - for many of your customers, it is a much better incentive to share their good experience with their friends than discounts or cashbacks. Also, CoolBeez lets communities of connected charities and non-profits discover your shop through their fundraising projects.
  • I use an affiliate aggregator, why do I need to switch to CoolBeez?
    You do not need to switch - you can use both.

    Connecting to your shops through an affiliate aggregator like AWIN or TradeDoubler will only allow for tracking of orders - it will not allow for generating traffic and additional conversion boosting functionality that is provided by connecting to CoolBeez directly.

    Direct connection to CoolBeez will allow for:

    - automatically sending customized emails to your customers suggesting to recommend things they bought from your shops to their friends;

    - incentivizing your customers to recommend things they bought from you shops by automatically generating either discount vouchers for their next purchases, or donations to non-profit causes;

    - exposure of your shops to communities of nonprofit causes on their fundraising pages, alongside large online shops such as,,
  • I have a small shop and I have just started online. Do I need to have high traffic to benefit from CoolBeez referrals?
    Not necessarily, if you have great products and choose one of our subscription plans. Through our paid plans you get access to new customers and cross-promotions through CoolBeez partner network.
  • Why is CoolBeez a better alternative to building an in-house solution?
    CoolBeez is a plug-and-play solution. You can start instantly. It saves you a lot of resources to develop and maintain the alternative in-house. Besides, you benefit from our Partner Network if you choose our paid plans.
  • How much revenue growth can I expect?
    If you have great products and happy customers you can expect between extra 5-20% revenue.


  • Does CoolBeez keep personal data of my customers?
    No, CoolBeez does not keep personal data of your customers such as names, addresses, phone numbers, payment, and billing information. CoolBeez is GDPR compliant.
  • Does CoolBeez have access to my business data? Is my business data protected?
    When your shop connects to CoolBeez, you grant us access to certain data related to orders from your shop, and to certain product and pricing information. This access is necessary for CoolBeez to perform its service. All order-related data is retrieved only when needed and is never kept by CoolBeez for longer than it’s necessary to perform the action for which the data in question has been retrieved. Some data related to product descriptions and pricing is kept by CoolBeez in order to be able to effectively direct potential customers to product pages on your shop. The same information that CoolBeez keeps is also publicly accessible on the site of your shop.
  • Is CoolBeez GDPR compliant?
    Yes. CoolBeez is founded in Germany, which has very strict rules about privacy protection.



  • Who can become a non-profit partner of CoolBeez?
    You can join if your fundraising cause is not illegal in any relevant jurisdiction.
  • Can I as a private person fundraise with CoolBeez?
    Yes, you can.
  • How soon can I start fundraising on CoolBeez website?
    You can register online and set-up your fundraiser page in minutes. It will be fast if you have your design elements (logo, title, about us, etc.) at hand. After registration we will ask you for some information to check, usually we do this within one working day. Immediately after we confirm your status you can start collecting donations through CoolBeez. You can get started within one working day.


  • How much does it cost to fundraise through CoolBeez?
    Nothing. Donations are generated from commissions paid by online shops for orders made through CoolBeez, and from subscriptions paid by online shops to CoolBeez. Fundraising projects that generate orders receive 80% of commissions for these orders as donations. Additionally, 20% of subscriptions paid by online shops on the “Give Back Star” subscription plan goes into a donation pool, funds from which are distributed to fundraising projects pro rata to how active they promote their fundraising pages to their communities.
  • How much does fundraising through CoolBeez cost our donors?
    Nothing extra to what they spend on their normal online shopping. Your donors do online shopping normally, through their own accounts with online shops, and at normal prices. There are no surcharges related to CoolBeez.
  • When will the donations be paid to me?
    You will get your monthly detailed transaction report within 5 working days after the month end. And we will transfer the outstanding amount of donation to your bank account immediately. Please note that if the donation amount is less than EUR 25 we will accumulate it until it is above EUR 25.
  • Will I have to pay taxes on donations generated via CoolBeez?
    This depends on your registration and tax status. Registered charities and non-profit organisations normally do not have to pay taxes on collected donations. You may need to consult with your tax specialist to know the correct answer in your exact situation.


  • How does CoolBeez help me with asking for donations?
    Asking for donations is one of the biggest challenges for charities and non-profit causes. With CoolBeez fundraising, you are not asking for actual donations - you only ask your community to add just one step to their normal online shopping routines and help your cause without spending anything extra.
  • How does CoolBeez help me find new donors?
    Customers of connected online shops discover your fundraising pages when they receive suggestions to recommend products they love. This brings you new audiencies and more donations.
  • Can I link my fundraiser page to my domain?
    Yes, you can link your domain, and social media accounts to your fundraiser page.


  • Is CoolBeez secure? Do you see personal information of my donors?
    CoolBeez does not see any personal information of its users if they are not registered or not logged in. It is not necessary to register or be logged in in order to use CoolBeez to recommend or shop online.


  • How can I partner with CoolBeez?
    If you are willing to partner with us, please check our Affiliate Program or contact us at