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Help us fundraise for free every time you shop online!


You can support us by shopping online through this page. You can shop at large online stores like Amazon as well as at independent local shops selling artisanal products. You will buy directly from online shops as you normally do, at normal prices and in your own accounts with the shops. There is no cost to you.
After you buy, shops will pay a commission (around 5% on average), which will be donated to our cause.

Thank you for your support!

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Living Language Institute

Living Language Institute

How Does it Work?

I know what I want

If you know what and where you want to buy, or if you want to recommend a product to others - select
the shop, type the name of the product
in the search line, and pick from the
search results.

With some shops, this way will generate
higher donations.


I want to browse

If you just want to browse in partner shops, click on the “open in new tab” icon next to the shop you want to browse in.

With some shops, this way will generate
lower donations.